Ralph Enlow ('72, '82) on the impact of Buck Hatch


Anita Gohde (’85)

One of my favorite quotes from Mr. Hatch that I have written in my “falling apart” Bible is: “You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their Bible. If their Bible is falling apart, you know that they’re not.”

Esther Nordman (’78)

In Prophets class, he introduced each prophet as his FAVORITE prophet. The second time he did this made me wonder about his memory. I caught on to his tactic when he introduced his third one.

Mary Ann Shutt McCloy (’64)

We used the material from marriage and parenting courses in our own family. We required some of our kids to watch the Hatch marriage course with their prospective mates before the wedding.

Don Highlander (’64)

Absolutely the most influential teacher by words and actions. In 1961 I faced a monumental crisis. It was during the time his son Allen, died from a heart attack. Yet, he called me and counseled me for over two hours. I took for credit every course he taught and returned in 1966 to take advanced courses.

Gloria Henriques (’78)

A heart for God like no one else I know. Every class with him was a gift, but Progress of Redemption was it for me. When the text talked about bread, he’d substitute grits! Gave me a love and reverence for God working in the heart of man.

Cynthia Grasty Myers (’80)

Anyone can marry if they are in love but a marriage needs to be built on God’s will! We have always shared that with youth groups we have worked with over the years. We were truly blessed to be under the teachings of such a man!

Silvana Suzanne Cureton (’77)

Straight out of France and a brand new Christian, Buck Hatch was a blessing and a complete frustration. When he would say half a sentence and say, “You know what I mean?” I wanted to scream No, tell me please! I loved his humility and his heart for God!

Tim Campbell (’88)

Thank you, thank you, for the wonderful gift of the Buck Hatch Library online. I cannot tell you what a wonderful blessing this is to me.

Reed & Shirley Bryant (’74)

What a blessing to hear Mr. Hatch’s voice again. This class made all the difference in our marriage; we were able to start on the right track and avoid so many problems by talking through the issues that were addressed. This information is absolutely needed in today’s world.

John David Majors (’76)

He drew a big and small triangle; explaining the big one is the job God has for us and the small one is the person who does it. The job is so big, we need God, but the person is the right one for the job.

Jim Colby (’56)

Thanks for encouraging us to listen to and watch Mr. Hatch. Those videos are very encouraging.

Stephen Roediger (’78)

The impact he had on our lives was profound and has lasted for over 30 years. The insights he shared from his personal experience and based on the foundation of the Word have been invaluable.

Dana Kuhn (’76)

I always appreciated his statement, “Look up here” as he shook is finger. It was often a spiritual revelation moment moving deep in your soul!

Mike Clark (’77)

Mr. Hatch did not bring any notes with him as I recall, and when he taught each class, it was as if it was the first time he taught it, fresh, not from notes that went back years.

Lydia Duhan Ellisor (’83)

Mr. Hatch’s honesty and forthrightness, his wisdom and clarity has been an encouragement through the years. I can still hear many of the things he said, never knowing their impact! His amazing gift, was obviously God-given!

Sharon Wingo (’78)

I took some courses by Buck Hatch and they were some of my favorite courses.  One of the things that made Buck Hatch such a great teacher is that he led students to profound ideas and truth in such a way we almost believed we had come up with those on our own.

Jonathan ‘Jay’ Schwab (’69)

The content of class material and teaching by Buck Hatch were a great help. His adapting psychology with the Bible, exposition of the Progress of Redemption were a SOLID basis. His teaching style enabled me to learn the content and adopt some of his style, enabling my students to draw the application into their lives.

Nancy Parsons (’77)

From Minor Prophets: “Let me introduce you to my good friend…Habakkuk…” and now Habakkuk is my good friend!

Jacque Brown (’70)

I was a fairly new Christian when I came to CBC back in 1966, and of all the classes I took those 4 years, Buck Hatch’s classes were my favorite … not only for the amazing content, but for his gentleness and unique style of teaching.

Holly McCleery (’85)

While I was in Grad school, I took Hatch’s Progress of Redemption course by video. This was one of the most influential courses that I took at CIU in that it pulled the Bible together for me in the areas of what God is doing and who God is.

Gilbert DeWitt (’80)

I was fortunate enough while at CBC to take every class Mr. Hatch taught. His impact on my life goes without question. I still teach what I learnt to others.

Mrs. Jay Menzies (’84)

“Tremendous Trifles” … fond memories of taking a marriage course with Buck Hatch in 1983. What a blessing those years were. He was a wonderful man and a great teacher (a genteel southern gentleman … all the way).

Lyn Studer Wilson (’63)

My husband, Larry Wilson, and I found Dr. Hatch’s classes to be everyone’s favorites. Our lives were enriched and we received many practical things to use in our lives as newlyweds and also as we were new to the ministry.

Steve Fortosis (’76)

He was a shy man; I went for counsel a few times to his office, and he conversed with me, but it was hard to tell if he liked me or was just listening closely to what I was trying to say. I think his upbringing and shyness affected him wherever he was.

Rod Culbertson, Jr. (’80)

Buck Hatch is one of those clear and influential voices which inspired me to give my life to ministry and service for the Master. I am gratefully and ever indebted to God for Buck Hatch’s influence in my life.

Rachel Whisnant (’94)

I came to CIU after he retired but heard so many wonderful things about him. I was thankful to actually get to meet him a few times while working in the Dining Hall. He was an encouragement to me. I’m so thankful I finally get to hear him teach. Thank you for making these available!

Dave Hines (’81)

Not only was the class good preparation for my marriage but still today in my pastoral ministry I quote one of his lines from that class and tell them that if they will heed its words that it will transform their marriage. Buck Hatch said, “Marriage is not a reformatory. ”

Ginny Dent Brant (’77)

I would credit Buck with giving us the wisdom we needed at just the right time in our lives. We were able to avoid making some mistakes in raising our kids that we might have otherwise made if we had not gained insight from his wisdom.

Steve Bradley (Former Faculty)

I came to CIU in 1989 and saw Buck Hatch faithfully volunteering his time to counsel and mentor students and staff. That example of the fact that Christians never retire inspired me to go overseas to teach when I retired. I taught Marriage and Family to Micronesians, and Buck Hatch’s teaching will continue.

Gordon Simms (’69)

James Hatch classes, and his classic words in his slow southern drawl– “Scuuzz me if I get excited”. May I forever be enthused about what God’s Word says and may that enthusiasm about God’s truth effect the lives of others through me, as much as it has affected my life through James Hatch.

Sondra Welch Barbee (’74)

I think back and realize the amazing availability the he had to us, his students. He was never too busy to meet with me. How encouraging he was and how graciously he clarified Scripture to me, a fairly new Christian. He has left a loving legacy of wisdom and knowledge behind him.

Carol Johnson Stanford (’77)

I remember a statement in Marriage and Family Life when he said, “Never once have I gotten up and not had a clean, ironed shirt in my closet.” He went on to say that was a way Mittie showed her love for him.

Bob Thompson (’78)

I still use Mr. Hatch’s OT chart from “Progress of Redemption” in teaching the Bible in Christianity 101 and Confirmation classes. My wife, Linda, and I still talk about his formative part in our marriage and parenting.

Ralph Enlow (’72/’82)

May I lovingly invoke the words of the most inimitable and deeply impacting teacher any of us has ever known, our beloved James M. “Buck” Hatch:  Look up here. Give me your undivided attention. Let me talk to your heart. 

Patsi Isley (’74)

When we asked for his counsel on a tough situation, he said, “It doesn’t matter what you do, just matters who you are. You can hoe corn for the rest of your life if you want, if you’re who God wants you to be you’ll usually end up doing what God wants you to do.”

Jane Bateman (’64)

Mr. Hatch was my all-time favorite teacher. In every course I took, he made the subject matter come alive. Seeing him and hearing his passionate voice on these videos make me want to weep. Thank you so much for providing this for us.

Phil Nelson (’74)

I taught a Family Living class for seniors in a Christian School and used the very same material that I was taught from Buck Hatch in the 70s.

Brent Peterson (’81)

Each class had one main point, with all other info supporting it – like a good sermon. “Oh my friends!” Being in the Grad School, I only took Family life, but it was one of the best. “Tremendous trifles,” such as how you squeeze the toothpaste (from middle or end), can cause some of the greatest difficulties between husband & wife.

Deborah Post (’72)

I can remember mostly sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next words to come out of his mouth. He was riveting to listen to, one of my favorite teachers.

Glenda Moore (’74)

What an excellent teacher and blessing he was! Such a man of humility and faith! He officiated at our wedding. Everything he said was worth paying attention to! He truly pointed us to Christ and the Gospel! We were blessed to be in his class and are truly thankful for his life and legacy!

Joan Morris Herrington (’71)

“Look up here!” He was an amazing teacher. He knew how to keep your attention and imparted so much biblical knowledge in every class. He was a humble example of Jesus.

Verna Birkey (’59)

One real outstanding memory is Mr. Hatch and his humble, godly manner, which left you with the impression that as he would stand before the class in his humble way and break out in singing, “Everything is alright in my Father’s House. There is joy, joy, joy.” He was a real man, very humble.

Ruth Shales (’72)

The principles from the Word that he teaches are. We were in his classes on marriage & parenting years ago. He prepared us for a wonderful life together as a couple and for giving us wisdom on raising children who would love God. Keep adding to the Hatch Library!

Jeff Coberly (’76)

He never approached the Word of God casually or taught the material without it first moving his own heart closer to his Savior, without Whom he could never get through the day. “The way of progress grows ever more difficult, but God’s grace ever more abundant.” He was, without a doubt, a master communicator fully versed in psychology and the knowledge of his Savior and His ways.

Libby Barbee Owens (’78)

When asked if he gets tired of teaching the same subjects year after year, answered, “I don’t teach subjects. I teach students, and they are new every year.”

Robert J. Morgan (’74)

James (Buck) Hatch read the Bible with remarkable perception, and he taught his students to do the same. He was the best teacher and professor I ever had, and I still listen to his videos and recordings – fifty years after having sat at his feet at CIU. His humble intensity, inductive reasoning, and drawling voice captured my student heart then and now; and only God knows how much of my ministry has flowed from what I learned from him. Mr. Hatch’s teachings must never be lost. I earnestly want my grandchildren to learn as much from him as I did.

Jan Lawson (’74)

Mr. Hatch’s opening prayers in each class were a vivid picture of what it meant to get “real” with God. I am so blessed to have sat under his teaching! Truly, Mr. Hatch was a humble man who was deeply loved by God, touched by God, called by God, placed by God, and favored by God.

Douglas Hale (’79)

I remember one day in Mr. Hatch’s Daniel Revelation class, Charlie Harrah came into the class in a lion costume and danced with Mr. Hatch while “I Want to be Like Daniel” played over the P.A. system.

John Hosie (’78)

His gentle spirit and good sense of humor made him a worthy role model. He was so approachable and humble it was easy to be comfortable with him.

Melinda Sawyer (’74)

I loved when Mr. Hatch spoke in chapel. He was so humble and yet his messages were so profound!  I went to him for counsel when I had a difficult situation in my life! My days at CBC changed my life forever! I loved all my teachers but Mr. Hatch was my favorite!

Selene Matthews (’75)

His humility and deep love for the Lord was reflected not only in his teaching but his willingness to drop everything to counsel a student.

Stacy Lifsey (’80)

“Ahhh, my friends. This is my favorite prophet.” Said during his minor prophet course and said for each prophet we studied! His humility and integrity taught me more than anything he said.

Keith Wilson (’74)

Progress of Redemption was such a help to me in seeing the Bible as a whole. The Marriage course principles have been such a blessing in my own marriage. He had this knack of keeping us students trying to anticipate what was to come next. He humbly exemplified his message and principles.