Series Description

Introduction by Anne Buck

In this three-part series, Buck Hatch leads us into a deeper understanding of what must take place in the hearts of the teacher and the student. We are given biblical truths and examples that take us far beyond the ability to master, deliver or retain information.

In Part One we see that teaching is a gift and ministry of the Holy Spirt. When we teach the Bible, “we’re in a different ballpark,” explains Hatch. God is intimately aware of what each student needs to learn and become transformed to his image. A teacher must keep his heart bent toward the Lord so that he may model what he teaches and receive every ability necessary to profit the student.

The teacher’s goal is to reach both the mind and the heart. In Part Two we discover that success in learning is measured by the student’s choices in response to what he has heard and learned. Does he love God more, and is he more like Jesus?

In Part Three Dr. Hatch points us to the perfect teacher (God) who always gives perfect tests (trials). This powerful session helps us understand why God allows us to experience difficult tests. His tests often go “against our grain” to test our commitment to him and the genuineness of our faith. Every test from God is a “pop quiz,” never scheduled. It may be a diagnosis, a job loss, or another life event, and as each one unfolds, God asks three questions: “What do you see?”, “What do you feel?”, and “What do you say?”

We are all teachers and students. This series gives us a master plan for preparation, whereby the Holy Spirit can reach minds and hearts, beginning with our own.