Series Description

In this series Professor James M. Hatch introduces you to the often ignored prophetic books of the Old Testament. He makes them come vibrantly alive. You will discover the historic context, theme, structure and general content of each book. More importantly, you will see how each prophetic book fits into God’s overall plan for world redemption. By the end, you will feel like you know each prophet personally and be able to apply each prophet’s message to today.

 Note Guide – Lessons 1-12 (PDF – 324 KB)
 Note Guide – Lessons 13-27 (PDF – 293 KB)
 Note Guide – Lessons 28-36 (PDF – 204 KB)
 Supplementary Visuals – Lessons 1-14 (PDF – 170 KB)
 Supplementary Visuals – Lessons 15-36 (PDF – 91 KB)