Progress of Redemption

Series Description

The Bible has many books, sections and kinds of literature. Old Testament. New Testament. Sixty-six books, yet one book. History. Poetry. Prophecy. Letters. Genealogy. Teaching. Apocalypse.  — How is a person make sense of it all? And how does it all fit together?

In Progress of Redemption, James M. Hatch takes you on a journey through the entire Bible unlike any you’ve ever experienced. You will go beyond learning content to discover how all the parts of the Bible relate to one another. This course studies these relationships and, in particular, the unity and progress of what God is doing and saying. You will trace the unifying theme of redemption as it progresses from Genesis to Revelation.

Watch an introduction by Dr. Jack Layman

Author Philip Yancey, in his introduction to The Bible Jesus Read, says that Buck Hatch was the one “who first opened up to me the delights and mysteries of the Old Testament.”  Progress of Redemption will do the same for you. This course is taught by more alumni of Columbia International University around the world than any other one course.

Progress of Redemption – 1980 Class Lecture Notes (PDF – 948 KB)
Progress of Redemption – Notes Vol. 1, Part 1 (PDF – 6.1 MB)
Progress of Redemption – Notes Vol. 1, Part 2 (PDF – 6.5 MB)
Progress of Redemption – Notes Vol. 2 (PDF – 5 MB)

Teaching Resources from Roy King:

Progress of Redemption – Overview (Powerpoint – 711 KB)
Progress of Redemption – Course Presentation Slides (Powerpoint – 646 KB)
Progress of Redemption – Teacher Review Slides (Powerpoint – 493 KB)
Progress of Redemption – Student Review Chart (Powerpoint – 146 KB)

Referenced material:

Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man – Vol. 1 – Herman Witsius, D.D. (PDF – 747 KB)

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