El Progreso de la Redención

Series Description

Progress of Redemption in Spanish (2014) [English version]

Presenter: Paul (Pablo) Thompson

“I had far rather walk, as I do, in daily terror of eternity, than feel that this was only a children’s game in which all the contestants would get equally worthless prizes in the end.” T. S. Elliot’s sobering words remind us that life is more than a child’s game; it is infinitely serious and purposeful. In his fabled course, The Progress of Redemption, professor Buck Hatch reminds us that God is on the march throughout history. Missions is not merely a function of the church, but a word that describes the whole passion of God. In fact, this course could well be subtitled, “The Mission of God”, a walk through Scripture tracing God’s unbreakable intent to “fill the earth with his glory.”

For years this course and its implications has been working its powerful message into the lives of those who took it, and hundreds of others who have watched it on video. Now it’s available to the Spanish speaking world through the efforts of veteran missionary Paul (Pablo) Thompson. Taking the basic concepts of Professor Hatch’s course, Thompson has contextualized its contents for the Spanish speakers with the editing help of Doug Kracht. It is now available to the third largest language group on our planet in 15 one-hour segments.