God's Blueprint for Biblical Parenting

Series Description

Introduction by Anne Buck

“If you want to know how to train your children, how has God trained you? Search the Scriptures. See how He does it. Then say, “Father, do it again in me! Help me to train my children the way You have trained me!” It’s amazing. How has He done it? Has He done a good job? Is He a good teacher? Is He a good trainer? He’s perfect! All right then, you do it the way He does it.”—Session 11

It is difficult to select one single quote that represents the excellence in James “Buck” Hatch’s Parenting series. Inside this once-broken and humble man is a bold, passionate warrior heart that he says is “about to explode” as he looks out onto a world filled with broken or chaotic homes, discouraged parents, and wounded children.

Buck Hatch has a knack for explaining profound biblical truth in simplicity. Each session overflows with simple yet revolutionary concepts. As he unpacks the parenting process, he also unpacks the love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and God’s unending, merciful love for you. This parenting series equips you with God’s perfect and proven model for parenting and a clear understanding of what you mean to Him—even when you feel like you are worse than the prodigal son! And don’t we all feel this way at times?

Also included is your set of parenting “blueprints” designed by God, the Master Planner. You will have everything you need to build a home that will bring joy to your family and to God. If you are a parent, hope to become a parent—or just want to encourage others in their parenting, this series is a great resource.

We are pleased to offer you both the audio/video and written version of The Parenting Process. There are 12 sessions that will “keep you on the edge of your seat.” In the written version Buck’s passionate intonation is conveyed by our use of italics. If you listen to the audio, you will at times hear his voice break with emotion. You’ll sense the hush that falls in his classroom as he shares a tender moment from his childhood, or God’s tender heart toward us. You just may find yourself clapping and laughing along with his students. We invite you to access this series again and again. You may also want to teach from it. We know you will want to share it with others!

It is with great joy that we offer you this important series. And now we invite you to take your seat as CIU’s late and beloved Buck Hatch once again takes the lectern…