God's Blueprint for Biblical Marriage

Series Description

This is a popular course on marriage that Buck Hatch taught many times while a professor at CIU. This version was created in 1978 as a multimedia slideshow.

Marriage is… the most IMPORTANT…only PERMANENT… and most INTIMATE human relationship created by God. A Christian family is one which is being built by God according to God’s blueprint.

“Early family experience determines our adult character structure, the inner picture we have of ourselves, how we see others and feel about them, our concept of right and wrong, and our capacity to establish the close, warm, sustained relationships necessary to have a family of our own.”

All throughout these sessions, Mr. Hatch holds up a hand-held grass clippers. It is made of two blades made to fit together. They are held together by a bolt and spring that keeps them close so they can cut. You will hear him moving the shears several times through the series to illustrate the points he is making.

Each session contains a video, transcripts and notes.

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