Lessons from the Vineyard

Series Description

One thing I remember about “Lessons from the Vineyard” was his use of yummy, delicious grapes that he intentionally ate slowly and with great relish in front of us to make his point about the wonderful fruit that comes from a vine attached to its source! 

On a side note, Mr. and Mrs. Hatch were very instrumental in my relationship with Kevin and He ended up marrying us.

—Lainie McWilliams

In John 15, Jesus uses the metaphor of a vineyard to describe our relationship with Him during our time here on earth. Buck Hatch tackles this in-depth metaphor, taking time to carefully consider the representation of each part of the vineyard. This series will guide you in your understanding of Jesus as the Vine, God the Father as the Gardener, You as the Branch, and the rich fruit that He produces in our lives.