Series Description

Thoughts about Hatch’s Hermeneutics
By John Crutchfield (’86, ’91), professor of hermeneutics at Columbia International University

Simple, clear, Biblical … these audio recordings are vintage Buck Hatch!

Hear him (“Watch it!”) exhort his students to handle the Scripture with integrity and sensitivity.

Hear him coin the term “hermeneut.” What is a “hermeneut?”

Hear him expound on the three important questions of hermeneutics: What does the Bible mean?  What does the Bible teach? How does the Bible apply to me?

How important is application? Buck Hatch says he asks the Lord to “take him home” before he should do what?

Most importantly, we find in these recordings the overflow of the heart of a man who was consumed by love for God and his Word. Listen, and you will never read your Bible the same way again.

This series is a brief overview of Hermeneutics from a Navigator Bible conference (date unknown).

Audio recordings provided courtesy of the Discipleship Library.