Series Description

Introduction by Anne Buck

In this five-part series we discover the wonder of what God has done for us—and not what we can do for God to try and earn his love or approval. This understanding of God’s provisional love compels us to examine three key areas of our walk: our unity, our holiness and our love.

As joint heirs with Christ, we have been joined to him and to one another. Jesus picked us because he wanted us and likewise, he wants us to desire fellowship with all believers, regardless of our diversity.

Buck Hatch discusses two levels of unity. The first is unity of the Spirit of God, which is foundational and made possible because of our risen Lord. This makes it possible for fellow believers to have this same supernatural unity. The second unity is “unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God.”

This knowledge compels us to pursue holiness as we “put on the Lord” and his armor, thereby choosing to resist the devil so that we may conform to the image of God’s Son.

Finally, we are to walk in love and harmony. In his last session, Buck Hatch calls us to have harmony in all relationships, whether between husband and wife, parent and child or employee and employer.

As we listen to an awestruck, sometimes emotional Buck Hatch lead us through these six chapters of Ephesians, we’re given a glimpse into a heart that has been deeply moved and transformed by a holy and loving God.

Audio recordings provided courtesy of the Discipleship Library.