Daniel and Revelation

Series Description

Are you puzzled by the dreams, visions, and symbols in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation? Are you a pastor, teacher, or small group leader looking for sound, in-depth Bible teaching on the end times and the Second Coming of Christ? If so, then this course is for you!

Daniel and Revelation, taught by Professor James M. “Buck” Hatch was previously offered by Columbia International University. While it is no longer available for college credit, it remains an excellent resource. Hatch brings clarity to Daniel’s visions of the end times and the revelation given to John about the return of Christ, without an over-emphasis on debatable aspects. In this course, you will master the historical background, themes, and plans of both Daniel and Revelation and learn to interpret these prophetic books.

Watch an introduction by Ralph Enlow

Study Guide I has detailed questions so that you can write your own personal study notes. This is in preparation for the lectures. Study Guide II has outlines and visuals to be used as you listen to the lectures. It includes helpful diagrams that Professor Hatch used in class. While teaching, he built step-by-step visualizations of the events described in both books. The individual Lesson Notes are a compilation of class notes by several people who took the course.

Special thanks: This course was made available online by a financial gift from a member of the CIU class of 1964. The 23 lesson notes are the combined work of Don Hughes (’78), Grady and Vicki Hammack Merritt (’73), Mary Ann Shutt McCloy (’64), and Martha Rupp Macomber (’75).