Colossians - Survey

Series Description

Introduction by Anne Buck

Throughout this rich series, Buck Hatch explores the theme of this epistle, which is found in Colossians 2:6: As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.

At one moment in time we receive the Person, Jesus, into our hearts by faith. From this decision stems eternal life, the forgiveness of sins, and much more! Just as we are freely given eternal life because of Christ’s finished work on the cross, we are given the opportunity to thrive spiritually—all because of the Person and power of Christ Jesus the Lord.

In Colossians we discover that in order to “so walk in Him,” we must continually choose to put off that which uproots. Because of our brokenness, we undergo a cyclical process of rooting and uprooting. Uprooting leads to spiritual wilting. This, then, prompts us to put our roots down again, and this time even deeper! The deeper our roots and the longer we keep them in the soil, the more pleasing our walk is to God. When we mess up and allow ourselves to become uprooted, the Lord does not give up! He knows our potential because Christ is the rich soil and He waits patiently, like the good soil that awaits the newly planted roots of a plant.

In this series, Buck Hatch shares a few surprising and fascinating facts about the root system! You’ll discover how many miles of roots one botanist counted in a single rye plant, the number of root hairs that spring from the roots, and how each root clamors for the water and minerals in the soil. Roots are always seeking, thirsty to drink in what the soil offers. May we remain firmly planted in Christ Jesus the Lord so that we, too, may bear much fruit!