Child Psychology

Series Description

Introduction by Anne Buck

As this series begins, Buck Hatch gives the end goal of all Christian child training, which is to help children reach a place where they are no longer living for themselves, but rather where they will become men and women who live for God. For this to occur, God must be at work first in the lives of the parents.

In this important series, we discover the need for unity between parents that is to be patterned after the unity between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are given biblical principles and illustrations that help the parent address the root of every problem that arises in a child’s life. In this series, the parent discovers how to shepherd the heart of the child as God shepherds His children, so that the child will live and minister in the world while anchored in His love, willing to be transformed by Him in every way.

Finally, many who have left childhood behind still have old wounds that have never healed. The parent who yearns to be whole will find encouragement as Buck Hatch passionately shares how deep and wide the love of God is. His Son’s redemptive work and resurrection power have made it possible for every child of God to have a blessed and abundant life that bears much fruit. When the parent taps into what Jesus has done to heal old wounds, he is all the more equipped to help others experience the same healing.