A CIU chapel message by Buck Hatch, given in 1972. Text: Habakkuk 2:4

In this chapel message, Mr. Hatch takes us back to the original statement in Habakkuk, “the just shall live by faith.” In this book, Habakkuk is facing something trying and painful. He is questioning whether God is still listening and caring for him. As many of us have experienced, Habakkuk is facing something that he cannot handle on his own. Habakkuk pours out his heart to the Lord, as Buck Hatch encourages us to do also. God tells Habakkuk that He is doing a great work but cannot yet reveal this to him. Follow along as Buck Hatch uses the example of Habakkuk to show us how God brings us to things that we cannot handle so that we must place our faith in Him, and focus on the example that Habakkuk sets for us of rejoicing in the Lord for His faithfulness.