In this session Buck Hatch redirects our primary focus from Jonah and the whale to God and his deep love for Nineveh, where evil and violence have become widespread. God calls upon the prophet Jonah to go warn the people, so that they will repent and be spared from his wrath. From this command spring two main problems that are common to man.

The first and larger problem relates to the servant of God who, when asked by God to do a hard thing, chooses to flee God’s presence rather than obey. Our rebellion often affects others, yet in the midst of collateral damage God’s restorative love for us and those affected never fails.

The second problem was that there was a revival in Nineveh after Jonah finally obeyed, but he did not delight in it.

In this teaching Buck Hatch points us to a merciful God who will do whatever it takes to help restore and revive those he loves.