In his usual captivating story telling form, Buck Hatch speaks to our hearts through the story of Joe, the foolish screwdriver.  Discover what else Joe learned to help transform him from a foolish screwdriver to a powerful, happy and wise tool, ready to be used by the Builder.

All Joe ever wanted to be in life was an ordinary screwdriver. He pictured this for himself and noticed that many others were also ordinary screwdrivers.

Joe tried and tried to work in his own power, but ran into difficulty. One day he stumbled upon new revelation that he was actually made by his manufacturer to be a power tool, not an ordinary screwdriver! But sadly, Joe still faced problems…

Buck Hatch’s parable speaks to our need to recognize who and what we were created to be. We were not created to be weak and limited screwdrivers.

This story also reminds us that we were created to stay plugged into the power source, which is the Holy Spirit. Imagine a power tool’s limitations if it never plugged itself into the power receptacle.

Finally, through Buck Hatch’s humorous closing illustration, we see what could still go wrong if we know we’re power tools, we’ve recharged our batteries, but then we run off to drill holes into anything and everything we see!  Here we see the need to remain in the Builder’s hands!

If you yearn for a closer relationship with the Lord and for a more fruitful, Spirit-filled life, then no doubt, this parable will speak to hour heart! Like Joe, you, too, can realize God’s provision that allows you to move from power-less to power-full.