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Minister of God- Part 1 

Part 1 of Minister of God is now available! In this lecture Buck Hatch talks about the role of ministers called by God. He unpacks Corinthians in a way that only Buck Hatch can and reminds ministers of the importance of their work.

Listen to Minister of God Here

New Resources 


This lecture on Habakkuk covers the Minor Prophets who Dr. Hatch calls the Biblical “problem solvers.”.

New Resources- Colossians 

Four-part series, date unknown.

New Resources – El Progreso de la Redención 

El Progreso de la Redención

Progress of Redemption – in Spanish (2014)

Classic book re-published 

Hatch-Teaching-cover-ebook-194x300Teaching: The Heart of God’s Redemptive Plan, by Buck Hatch, is a classic resource that has been used to for over thirty years to help teachers build a biblically-based foundation for teaching. This book has just been re-published, and is available from Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Order the book or Kindle e-Book from Amazon here:  http://ciu.me/hatchlibteaching

If you order the print book from Amazon, you can get the Kindle version at no extra cost!

The link above is an affiliate link which will return a portion of the purchase price to CIU, in addition to the royalties that we get. This money goes right back into producing more classic books and online resources.

New Resources – Depression 

A CIU Chapel message on depression, date unknown.

The Just Shall Live By Faith
CIU chapel message from 1972.

What People are Saying

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of this project to get these video/audio tapes of Mr. Hatch on to the internet. The principles from the Word that he teaches are timeless....and so needed to be shared. We were in his classes on marriage & parenting years ago. He prepared us for a wonderful life together as a couple and for giving us wisdom on raising children who would love God. Keep adding to the Hatch Library! And we’ll keep telling people about it.
— Ruth Shales

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